About Harborview Properties

Maine is unlike any other state. As anyone who lives here can tell you, it is one of the finest places to live. You can be in the mountains skiing or out on a lake fishing, and just two hours later be standing on a rocky cliff watching the ocean waves crashing below you. Many people realize that, and that’s why they live here; young and old, retiring and just starting out. With all the wonderful things Maine has to offer and all the different people living here, a Realtor® needs to be diverse enough to fill those individual needs. At Harborview Properties, our agents live, volunteer, and have deep connections in the communities in which they work for you.


Maine owned and operated Harborview Properties provides residential, commercial and investment real estate brokerage. Harborview Properties’ qualified, experienced and caring agents are here to guide you every step of the way. We set the service standard for all your real estate needs.